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DealBandy.com Privacy Policy (12/20/2009)

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DealBandy.com is a website devoted to helping consumers save money and earn money, while maintaining a safe and private community. The following statements were prepared to help you better understand what type of information we use, and we use it. These policies are subject to change, with the most recent update listed in parentheses above.

Information Collection

Providing personal information to DealBandy.com is voluntary. Upon becoming a member, DealBandy.com will request basic information from you to help avoid multiple registrations by the same user. This information is strictly protected by our privacy policy. DealBandy.com also utilizes "cookies" technology to log members in and out. Cookies are small bits of code stored on a user's computer, which help identify the user to DealBandy.com. These cookies expire when you "Log Out", and become activated once you "Log In". DealBandy.com also keeps track of IP Addresses to "flag" members whose conduct has been inappropriate and to prevent them from adding content to the website.

Information Sharing

At this time, DealBandy.com does not share any personal information with other companies or organizations, unless it is requested by law enforcement. (see below)

Legal Information Requests

DealBandy.com may be required to disclose your personal information with law enforcement or government agencies in response to court orders, audits or subpoenas. Unless specifically directed not to, DealBandy.com will make its members aware that their information has been/will be shared.

Community Privacy

The Internet can be an impersonal place at times, which is why we created the DealBandy.com Community. This is a place where members can interact, become fans of one another, share interests and track recent activity. We please ask that you do not share any information with other members that you consider personal and potentially harmful. We are serious about maintaining a safe and private community. If you have any problems maintaining your privacy within the community, please contact us for assistance.

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